Yonex Voltric Z-Force (ZF88) Limited Edition Racket

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Yonex Voltric Z-Force (ZF88) Limited Edition Racket

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Yonex Voltric Z-Force (ZF88) Limited Edition Badminton Racket

Product Type: RACQUET
Made in: Japan

Yonex Voltric Z-Force 88 (ZF88) Limited Edition Badminton Racket

The Voltric Z-Force 88 (ZF88) is a special limited edition racket made in limited quantity to commemorate the birthday and dedication of Yonex's founder, Minoru Yoneyama. The racket is a repainted Voltric Z-Force 3UG4 (85-89 grams) badminton racket that are used by Yonex professional badminton players. The racket design and colors is based on Yonex's popular racket in the early year. The Z-Force 88 (ZF88) is made to look like an old wooden racket with a steel shaft like the Yonex B-9100 in the year of 1961. It also come with a special rectangular limited edition bag. Only 12,000 pieces are made and each one is serialized. Furthermore, the Voltric Z-Force racket is the MOST popular and demanded racket in 2012. Get this rare collector racket while you can before it is gone.

Combining Yonex latest technology, NANOPREME™ and it's aerodynamic compact head design similar to the ArcSaber Z-Slash, Yonex created its most powerful racket ever, the Voltric Z-Force badminton racket. The Voltric Z-Force is also Yonex most head heavy racket which helps explain its tremendous power. This power combined with fast swing speed due to the special compact low drag and aerodynamic head to reduce air resistance, the Voltric Z-Force generates more repulsion and stability with good maneuverability.

NANOPREME - is the next big step in the evolution of NANOSCIENCE. NANOPREME operates on a scale of less than one billionth of a meter using an epoxy resin which immediately binds the carbon fibre and forms a strong material structure. This results in a single racket material which combines repulsion, elasticity and strength - the precise qualities needed by professional badminton players in their equipment to win.

Traditionally, extra weight at the top of the racket frame has increased power while reducing maneuverability or control from the player. In contrast, less weight on the top of the racket frame increases speed but reduce power. Yonex solves this problem by using the new TRI-VOLTAGE SYSTEM to successfully combines the contrasting characteristics of exceptional power and control.

Within the TRI-VOLTAGE SYSTEM, Tungsten inserts are positioned at the 2 and 10 o'clock positions of the frame, and at the T-Joint area. Tungsten provides more than 10 times the relative density of graphite, allowing the sides of the frame to be thinner and more aerodynamic and therefore achieving the combination of heavy smashes and swing speed or fast racket handling.



The stiff racquet structure at the top of the frame head allows the head to bend in a very controlled way and hold shuttles on the string bed for longer. The thin frame sides then allow the frame to flex more and transfer more energy to the shuttle. This combination allows you to smash with instant power.


In VOLTRIC, the weight is balanced on the top of the frame and at the joint area which allows good handling while also maintaining power. The thin sides of the frame and at the top of the head reduced air resistance and improve the handling even further. Players can now make a full swing even during short range rallies as VOLTRIC responds instantly to even subtle movements.


Another innovative Yonex technology, SOUND FILTER uses new materials at the two and ten o'clock positions to reduce only high pitched and dull soundwaves. This produces a louder and sharper sounds on impact to unsettle opponents, and provides a more aggressive tone to your game for a relentlessly attacking style of play.


Level: Advance / Professional
Type: Offensive
Flex: Extra Stiff
Head: Square/Isometric
Weight: 85-89gm(3U-)
Grip: 3 3/8 inches (G4)
B.Pt: 9 (Head Heavy Balance)


Head: High Modulus (HM) Graphite, Sound Filter, EX-HMG, Tungsten
Shaft: High Modulus (HM) Graphite, Nanopreme™
Cover: Yonex ZF88 Limited Edition Bag (Square Design)
String: Yonex BG-65 (Custom Strung) / Upgrade Available

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Yonex Voltric Z-Force 88 Limited Edition
Yonex Voltric
Yonex Voltric

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